Fair Share Alliance

Current Board of Directors

Maureen Kirk (President)
Pete Maysmith (Treasurer)
Molly Danahy (Board Member)
Lucy Hall (Board Member)

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The following is taken from most recent publicly available tax records.

Form 990 (2012)

Fair Share Alliance Inc.

Number of Employees

218 D Street No. 205
Washington, DC 20003

Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees
Maureen Kirk (President/ Director)
Naomi Roth (Secretary/Director) (also Director at Green Corps Inc.)
Peter Maysmith (Treasurer/ Director) (also Director at Green Corps. Inc.)
Brad Martin (Executive Director) (first Treasurer of Fair Share Action Fund.)

Financial Summary
Revenue (2012): $5,084,472
Expenses (2012): $5,024,605
Revenue less expenses (2012): $59,867

Total End of Year Assets (2012): $1,476,937
Total End of Year Liabilities (2012): $1,377,019
Net End of Year Assets (2012): $99,918

Independent Contractors
Work For Progress (Canvassing, $1,372,458)
Zata-3 Consulting (Telemarketing, $412,244)
Fund for the Public Interest Inc. (Program Administration & Fundraising Consulting, $380,955)
Grassroots Voter Outreach (Canvassing, $244,754)
Environment California (Canvassing, $147,541)

Grants and Other Assistance
Progress Ohio Org ($7,500 for program support)
Fair Share Action ($500,100 for Exemption Function Activities)
Center for Public Interest Research ($65,000 for program support)
Fund for the Public Interest ($22,072 for program support)

Political Campaign and Lobbying Activities
Fair Share Action ($500,100)