What’s Going On?



We represent a coalition of battle-tested canvassers and directors who have committed varying lengths of time with The Fund for the Public Interest (“the Fund”) as representatives of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and other affiliate groups. Collectively, we have worked to raise millions of dollars for the organization and sign up tens of thousands of new HRC supporters on the grassroots level. Many of us have gone above and beyond our job descriptions to ensure the success of HRC by becoming partners ourselves or volunteering at phone banks after clocking out to continue to reach out to advocates.

We are some of the most dedicated and loyal supporters and believe fully in the mission of the Human Rights Campaign. We have endured the freezing cold, blazing sun, and an often times unsupportive public to actualize the vision of a world in which people can feel safe being and expressing who they are. We have done this all despite the fact that the organization we officially work or worked for, The Fund for the Public Interest, the organization that HRC partners with to perform almost all of their grassroots outreach and fundraising, is an entity that shares few of our same beliefs and values.

Taken together, we hope that the information laid out in our letter effectively conveys our experiences with and deep concern about any continued partnership between HRC and The Fund for the Public Interest.


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A Model of Socio-Economic Elitism
Ignoring Structural Racism
A track record of utilizing anti-worker ‘non-compete/trade secrets agreements’
“Fight for protections we do not provide internally.”
Recruitment, Training, Standards, and Compensation
Hypocritical Policies
Extremely Dangerous Conditions
Victim Blaming and Street Harassment
Ignoring/Tolerating Sexual Abuse
“It’s Pay Day! Oh wait… nevermind.”
“Where you sleep is not our concern.”
“If you’re not working with us, you never worked with us.”
Bad Business
Why this matters.
What you can do.