Statement about Canvassing

We believe that canvassing is one of the most important tools of direct voter contact and would like to make it perfectly clear that our concerns expressed throughout this website are not to be read as an indictment of canvassing. The value of canvassing as a tool of civic engagement is not being questioned — rather, the issue at hand relates to the untenable hidden costs of the Fund’s model of human-resource-intensive subcontracting, the ubiquitous indignities and frustrations suffered by staff, and the way that these policies negatively impact the progressive organizations who subcontract this work and the future of the progressive movement more broadly. We would also like to express that our concerns about the Fund also have little to do with the specific campaigns and mobilization efforts of partner groups. In fact, the great enthusiasm that we shared about many of the campaigns we were working on is a large reason of why we stayed with the Fund, despite the way we were treated.

We know that canvassing is hard work and “not for everyone,” but it is certainly for some, and it is or was for us. Claiming that it is “not for everyone” is a feeble excuse for the absurdly high turn-over that has allowed the Fund to exploit and perpetuate injustices against generations of potential advocates.