To All Current Canvassers

We stand with you. You are amazing. You are putting in so much of yourself, doing great work, and building capacity around many amazing and important campaigns. Though the world may never truly understand just how important your work is, and the impact that you are making – we sure do, and we thank you.

We’re working to make sure that you, along with the many other future canvassers out there, are treated well, and with the dignity and respect that you deserve as a champion of a better world.

With that, we encourage you to talk about the issues addressed in the letter. Speak with your directors, speak with your RDs, speak with your family, your friends, and your community. We also encourage you to reach out personally to us if you’d like to chat ( We’re here for you.

Once a canvasser, always a canvasser.

In solidarity,

We Are HRC Canvass